July 2, 2021

I believe without question the spike protein is downregulating/"turning off" expression of LKB1. At first glance, the most immediate danger is carcinogenesis as it was found that loss of Lkb1 was sufficient to drive the initial steps of carcinogenesis ex vivo.

Lkb1 plays an important role in regulating glucose homeostasis and energy metabolism. In addition, there is also evidence that has highlighted a prominent role for Lkb1 in the function of macrophages. Lkb1 inhibits the activation and inflammatory function of innate macrophages. It was found that disruption of Lkb1 impaired the self-renewal of AMs, contributing to the reduction of AMs, which led to aggravated symptoms and EXCESSIVE accumulation of NEUTROPHILS in Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) pneumonia and ASTHMA. In addition, we found that many critical immune genes of AMs are regulated by Lkb1. Transcriptomic sequencing also revealed that Lkb1 inhibits proinflammatory pathways, including IL-17 signaling and neutrophil migration pathways. The increased expression of inflammatory mediators in Lkb1-deficient AMs might contribute to the more severe pathology in Cd11cCreLkb1f/f mice during S. aureus infection and allergic inflammation.

Resveratrol greatly improves LKB1 deficiency issues and preserves mitochondrial metabolism.  Results identify Sirt1 as a context-dependent target of LKB1 and suggest that a resveratrol-stimulated LKB1-Sirt1 pathway plays a vital role in mitochondrial metabolism, a key physiological process contributes to numerous age-related diseases. 


Additionally, absence of LKB1 prevents muscle regeneration and satellite cell homeostasis which can explain the WASTING being observed in COVID and Long COVID. MyoD-Lkb1 mice develop a severe myopathy. Need I implore, once again, to please immediately cease all spike protein therapies. 

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