May 1, 2021

There is no way out. SARS-CoV-2 will induce neurodegenerative disease and cancer in a vast number of all those exposed to the virus, regardless of case severity. 

Two papers underscore the gravity of what is to follow. Perhaps most remarkable is a paper from Nanjing which discusses a pathogenesis of PD that reads like a COVID-19 playbook (referenced image). Aging, iron accumulations, mitochondrial dysfunction, dopamine metabolism, which are all the established PD causative factors, meanwhile render oxidative stress. For example, incidence of PD is increased with aging, especially in elders. This is in accordance with that aged neuronal cells show hypersensitive toward oxidative stress (Floyd and Carney, 1992). The surveillance of antioxidants was also found compromised with aging (shortened telomeres=antioxidants no longer work). Active iron metals involved in generation of ROS through Fenton reaction and iron accumulation was attributed to PD pathogenesis.

Furthermore, on the oncogenic front, the activation of HERVs almost certainly guarantees the appearance of cancer. The expression of endogenous retroviral genes, such as the HERV-K env-gene, that can result in malignant transformation YEARS or even DECADES later.

And so, we are all forced to participate in this experiment of death.

And although my eyes were open

They might have just as well've been closed

And so it was that later

As the immunologist told his tale

That her face, at first just ghostly

Turned a whiter shade of pale

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