June 29, 2021

Antibodies against these (spike protein) motifs may contain NEUTRALIZATION activity against SARS-CoV infection OR PARTICIPATE in the immunopathogenesis induced by SARS-CoV.

I believe the massive peptide sharing of the spike protein with human peptides is the elephant in the room – and the one that spike protein therapy developers is, at this point, purposefully ignoring.

In 2007 it was discovered that there was peptide sharing between  four pathogenic regions of SARS-CoV S protein which share sequence homology with different human proteins. This was determined to be DOUBLE EDGED. Neutralization OR immunopathogenesis.

Therefore, if immunopathogensis is occurring because of the peptide sharing, then each subsequent exposure of the host to the spike protein increases the odds that antigen presenting cells will present self-peptides to T cells and B cells. Inexorably, automunity will develop. It is no different than the garrote. Each exposure of the spike protein is another turn of the executioner's hand. Need I even mention “booster" shots. “Booster," indeed.

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