The Relation to HIV and the Fibrosed Thymus

July 3, 2022

Chronic inflammation happens when the immune system doesn’t turn off after an injury or triggering event is over. It is immune activation that continues even after the initial injury is gone, it is very problematic. Chronic inflammation is like a volume control knob on a stereo being stuck—with the volume turned all the way up.

A few years ago, HIV specialists and researchers started talking about inflammation more and more. They noticed that people living with HIV—even those successfully treated with combination antiretroviral therapy (ART)—had higher levels of inflammation than HIV-negative people. And, even though those patients weren’t getting opportunistic infections anymore, they still had higher rates of heart disease and non-HIV-related cancers higher than the general population.

So, the question is, why is this happening?

There are several explanations, and I will explain how COVID mirrors them.

The first one is that there is ongoing viral replication in controlled HIV patients. It is hypothesized that these small amounts of virus are stimulating the immune system causing inflammation. COVID mimics this in that there is Spike Protein present in those with Acute COVID and is found in those with Long COVID. The presence of the Spike Protein is causing this constant inflammation. The paper I referenced on July 1st proved this.


Persistent circulating SARS-CoV-2 spike is associated with post-acute COVID-19 sequelae

Also, a summary of an oral report in June’s Journal of Hypertension found additional proof of the inflammatory nature of the Spike Protein:

S1P (S1 unit of the Spike Protein) increased gene expression of IL-6 (1.3-fold), TNFα (6.2-fold) and IL-1β (3.3-fold), effects that were maximized by IFNs.


Why does this worry me with regards to Spike Protein vaccinations? Because THE SPIKE IS ALWAYS CLEAVED. S1 will be set free. This is apart from the amyloidogenic properties of the Spike Protein which, I believe is inducing a Systemic Amyloidosis/Fibrosis causing the THYMUS to be “Fibrosed.” This, I believe, is one of the major reasons why we are seeing T-Cell depletion in those reinfected and transfected. The THYMUS is being replaced by deposition of nonfunctioning proteins.

Researchers discover possible connection between harmful amyloid production and COVID-19 symptoms

Once again, this gives us a parallel to HIV.

Make sure you are sitting down for this one: In some people with HIV, the thymus turns into scar tissue—it becomes “fibrosed”—and doesn’t work as well.


Human immunodeficiency virus infection induces lymphoid fibrosis in the BM-liver-thymus-spleen humanized mouse model

The paper states:

Several reports suggest a nexus between lymphoid tissue fibrosis, chronic inflammation, immunodeficiency, and immune impairment in chronic HIV infection. The role of HIV-induced lymphoid tissue fibrosis in persistent immune abnormalities, including limited immune reconstitution, chronic inflammation, and functional exhaustion of antiviral T cells in ART-suppressed individuals, remains to be clearly defined.

And therefore SARS-CoV-2 is probably the most dangerous pathogen ever to be unleashed on mankind. It is NOT that you get sick and recover like the common cold and most cases of the flu, etc. People are being repeatedly sickened with COVID. Many are on their fourth and fifth bouts – not to mention other “exposures” to the Spike Protein. I don’t believe there is or ever can be lasting immunity to this virus. I believe they did their best to cover up their world (as we knew it) ending DISASTER of a MISTAKE. But, it is far too little and could never have been on time.

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It is this constant exposure to the Spike Protein that will destroy the immune system like so many torpedoes.

In chronic infections and cancer, T cells are exposed to persistent antigen and/or inflammatory signals. This scenario is often associated with the deterioration of T cell function: a state called ‘exhaustion’. Exhausted T cells lose robust effector functions, express multiple inhibitory receptors and are defined by an altered transcriptional programme. T cell exhaustion is often associated with inefficient control of persisting infections and tumours.


Molecular and cellular insights into T cell exhaustion

The Immune System has the pedal to the metal – just as the bus in the movie Speed – except in our movie, the plot is inverted. If the bus keeps going, we die.