COVID-19 As Exosome?

Is COVID-19 disease actually an Exosome induced by the virus and/or spike protein?

March 2, 2021

Is this the design of the "virus?" During a conversation with a biotech exec last night he wrote "However, you can get mRNA from virus or vaccine. I hope it's your choice."

I considered this odd. So I must thank him, I believe he gave us a clue. What does Sphingolipid Metabolism regulate? Endosome formation! What do Helminths do to maintain an infection? Send mRNA! What do Endosomes do? Send mRNA! Ivermectin, in parasites, lowers their mRNA expression! It stops them from signaling their camouflage. This is not a virus, in the traditional sense. The question is, what is the mRNA that the "virus" sends out, doing? Also, what is ALL the involved mRNA doing - as per the kind biotech exec's clue? 

Hotez is a parasite specialist. So is Daszak. 

Q. E. D. Thank you, very much.

This theory has been addressed, and was found to offer a very effective treatments. From April of last year, I found this: 

Host parasite communications—Messages from helminths for the immune system: Parasite communication and cell-cell interactions

It appears COVID-19 may all be from an experiment in Exosomes, Calcium Channels, Acetylcholine. It is all here. They cross the blood-brain barrier to reach their target. They can cause prion disease and neurodegeneration. Is this the point of the virus?

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