April 14, 2022

I have discovered what I believe to be the greatest danger of repeated Spike Protein exposure, whether through natural infection or vaccination. I believe the numbers of Spike Protein circulating within the body are perhaps greater after vaccination.

Seroconversion happens 1-3 weeks after an individual is exposed to an antigen. At this point an individual usually has developed antibodies against an antigen. However, these antibodies wane. Once they do, something called Seroreversion may occur.

Seroreversion: Immunology: A change from seropositivity–production of antibodies to a particular antigen or pathogen, to seronegativity–nonproduction of antibodies.

This happens in response to SARS-CoV-2 infections. Usually at the six month mark. This may be why the push for vaccines every three months is being advocated.

The assault on the endothelium by the Spike Protein is inducing both cancer and fibrosis. Please review the attached cartoon and please read the following paper:

There is no lasting or sterilizing immunity to the Spike. Therefore, THE REPEATED, GUARANTEED EXPOSURES to the Spike Protein, via “vaccination” are inducing all the pathogenic effects of the Spike Protein on a serial basis.

The timing, currently, appears to be particularly dangerous for those whose immune systems either do not produce antibodies against the Spike Protein, or whose antibodies wane very quickly.

So, we have set up a GUARANTEED continual SEROCONVERSION/SEROREVERSION scenario, giving the spike protein completely free reign for at least a week in all Spike Protein vaccine recipients.

During this time it is GROND. It continually chips away at the host endothelium. Injuring, promoting over healing and inducing fibrosis and cancer.

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