IL-6, Long COVID and Cancer Cachexia



The astronomical peak levels of IL-6 during COVID infection may hold the key to much of the disease - and its sequelae. 

Everyone has heard about "Elevated IL-6" in COVID, yet, the extreme dangers of this are little understood by most and explained by none. The fact is, the astronomical levels of IL-6 experienced during COVID infection can induce Cancer Cachexia on their own. In fact, viral vectors have been used in murine models to induce Cancer Cachexia without the presence of tumors. It has also been determined that IL-6 levels have profound CNS consequences during infection.  For the flu, The serum IL-6 levels were >6,000 pg/mL in children with brain stem dysfunction, about 150 pg/mL in children without brain stem dysfunction, and <80 pg/mL in controls. 

The time course of the serum IL-6 level also reflected the clinical condition. Once the serum IL-6 level was increased to >15,000 pg/mL, none of the children survived. The lower the maximal serum IL-6 level, the milder the CNS sequelae. The elevated IL-6 levels may also induce autoimmune disease. Under normal conditions, PD-1 and PDL-1 prevent autoimmunity by inducing T-cell regulation and maintaining self-tolerance. The last potential mechanism links IL-6 with the negative co-stimulator molecules programmed cell death one (PD-1) and its ligand (PDL-1).However, during chronic viral infections, T-cell ligation of PD-1 by PDL-1, expressed on infected cells, alters immunity against viruses by preventing T-cell generation and expansion. Elevated IL-6 also allows for chronic infection. 

Is Cancer Cachexia being induced by a hidden, chronic SARS-CoV-2 infection in some? 

IL-6 signaling can induce Cancer Cachexia autophagy. We may learn that Cancer kills by inducing an irreversible metabolic disorder. I believe this is what SARS-CoV-2 is designed to do. If not upon initial infection then upon subsequent reinfections. Given the paper showing that spike protein alone on cell surfaces can induce oncogenic processes, Cancer Cachexia may be all-pervasive soon. 

The medical establishment has not been forthright with the extreme dangers of this virus. It is entirely possible that asymptomatic and/or mild cases may experience astronomical IL-6 production. IL-6 levels are associated with fatigue and depression.

As an example, a Long COVID patient was kind enough to send me their labs.

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