Possible Spike Protein and Kisspeptin Interaction


June 4, 2021

The most important victim of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein may the King of our Maked Ball: KISSPEPTIN.

Potentially through work on an anti-cancer treatment, Kisspeptin was found to be involved in metastasis - and the ONSET OF PUBERTY.

Kisspeptin has been revealed as a significant player in regulating glucose homeostasis, feeding behavior, body composition as well as cardiac function. Since its discovery, kisspeptin has been a focus of study for a series of different fields including cancer biology, reproductive neuroendocrinology, reproductive biology, and, most recently, metabolism. There is a critical role for kisspeptin signaling in the regulation of GnRH neurons, demonstrating kisspeptin involvement with puberty, mediating gonadal steroid hormone negative and positive  feedback and serving as an afferent pathway for metabolic control of the reproductive hormone axis). Interest in kisspeptin has further accelerated in the past 7 years (1,540 articles) as novel peripheral roles for kisspeptin have been identified in both reproductive, metabolic, and developmental processes. The aim of this review is to provide a summary of studies describing a role for kisspeptin in the peripheral regulation of metabolism.


Kisspeptin is also involved in INNATE IMMUNITY. There is a a kisspeptin/GPR54/calcineurin-mediated immune evasion pathway exploited by virus through the negative feedback loop of TBK1 signaling. These findings also provide insights into the function and cross-talk of kisspeptin, a known neuropeptide hormone, in antiviral innate immune response.


Most interestingly, a DNA vaccine was developed which CREATED STRONG IMMUNITY AND ALSO CREATED ANTIBODIES AGAINST KISSPEPTIN. The results on male fertility were disastrous. 

Is the spike protein homologous to Kisspeptin? Are antibodies against Kisspeptin being made?

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