January 15, 2022

As we have not yet determined the primary pathogenesis of COVID-19, I propose that the disease is one of progressive Mitochondrial Dysfunction from a pathogen (therapeutic?) delivered via the Endothelium and distributed throughout the body to all organs and tissues.

PREMISE: S1 and Trimer both induced mitochondrial damage including functional deficits in mitochondrial respiration.

For example: It is well established that the brain uses more energy than any other human organ, accounting for up to 20 percent of the body's total haul. Therefore, it would only be logical that one of the first signs of mitochondrial dysfunction would be brain fog. Indeed, brain fog has been theorized as being an energy, or mitochondrial problem.

And so, with repeated applications of a “therapeutic,” little by little, the energy of the body is drained. A light goes off here, a refrigerator shuts off there. One by one the “appliances” of our bodies shut down.

And what would we see, if this were happening? Aging, and all its related diseases. Each unique to each.

I will continue to work on this hypothesis. All feedback is graciously welcomed.

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