August 9, 2021

Our DNA has acquired built-in counters at the end of our chromosomes that are snipped off with each reproduction. When the counter reaches zero, reproduction stops and death is inevitable. Without this counter (and probably other throttles as well), cancers occur and bodily tissues stop cooperating. Multi-celled life uses death to harness independent cells that are still inclined to compete with each other.

And this is what was latched onto by the researchers that were from and/or converged on Wuhan.

The hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis is perhaps the most influential way to affect telomere length. And it reiterates the same litany of those who have been most afflicted. The down trodden. The stressed. The unhealthy. 


This is why each infection and reinfection of SARS-CoV-2, and each exposure to the  Spike Protein progressively chips away at the telomeres on our chrmomosones. And it is stealthy. So stealthy that it tries to hide its intent under a veil of respiratory illness that is JUST fatal enough to have one believe that is all to be feared.

Not so. And China (at the very least) knows this.

I beleive they execute the infected. I don't believe those instant "hospitals" were meant to treat anyone. And look at the data out of China. If the data is true, then they have tried to murder their way out of this. They thought they could contain it. They could not.

Now they observe us (they do not use the spike protein) injecting the very element which invades the brain stem and causes the dysregulation and the terrible process of slicing off our lifespans, little by little. Cancers, neurodegeneration, whatever fate our telomeres shield us from for as long as they can, is laid bare and put into play. Our GENETIC immunity is stripped from us. 


Unless there are those (as in leprosy) who are simply immune to SARS-CoV-2, humanity is facing extinction. 

Will the medical community stop this? I honestly believe if every third person dropped dead (immediately) after the jab, the medical community would still insist that the program is best and must continue. 

I do not want to see a response about "No fatal adverse events occur in jabs after six weeks." 

These are  NOT traditional jabs. Those "rules" do not apply. A foreign protein is being manufactured by us. It may be severely harming us.

I implore doctors to demand an end to this. We need to find a way to NEUTRALIZE the virus (spike), or there may be no one left to treat.

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