May 16, 2022

There have been numerous examples of athletes, and non-athletes, presenting with myocarditis, cardiac arrest, syncope and other cardiac related pathologies post COVID and post COVID vaccination. I propose that the mechanism for these occurrences is a rapid amyloidosis of the heart induced by the Spike Protein.

A case study from 2006 discussed the appearance of complete atrioventricular (AV) block accompanied by acute myocarditis. The conduction disturbance persisted for 12 days and spontaneously resolved. However, an endomyocardial biopsy showed that there were UNDERLYING AMYLOID DEPOSITS.


If we look at another case study, this one of a Pfizer vaccine recipient from February of 2022, an 84-year old male was found to be bradycardic with complete AV block.


Also, it has been reported that the Sino-pharm BBIBP-CorV vaccine also induces this temporary AV block.


The Astra-Zeneca vaccine also induces the same effect. An 89-year old fit and independently mobile female experienced a sequence of events which started a few hours (estimated to be three to four hours) after taking the vaccine. She started to experience headaches, nausea, non-specific body aches, fever, and chills. An initial ECG showed evidence of left anterior fascicular hemiblock (LAFB) and right bundle branch block (RBBB) with two to one (2:1) atrioventricular (AV) conduction block in the form of second-degree AV conduction block, confirming a form of a trifascicular block.


On April 20 of this year, a novel case of intermittent complete heart block with ventricular standstill occurring within 24 hours of administration of a Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 booster vaccine was observed. After stabilization and extensive workup, the patient was diagnosed with lymphocytic myocarditis and complete heart block that is suspected to be secondary to COVID-19 booster vaccination. Ultimately, the patient's complete heart block resolved spontaneously, and he was discharged home with ambulatory rhythm monitoring.


Please note the importance of the spontaneous resolution of the heart blocks. This is precisely in line with the spontaneous resolution observed in the case of myocarditis with AV block related to underlying amyloid deposits.

I believe endomyocardial biopsies should be conducted on all vaccine recipients presenting with myocarditis and or heart block, specifically looking for amyloidosis (deposition of the Spike Protein/Amyloid complexes).